Edward Waite
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Meet the Artist

Edward is known for his vivid 3D cityscapes, he has painted iconic landmarks from cities around the world including Paris, New York, and of course, London. Each work perfectly captures the bright lights and constant rush of urban life, thanks to his bold, colour-filled technique; first inspired by ketchup bottles in the New York diner!!! 

“The cities and places I’ve been fortunate enough to visit are stunning in their own right, but I wanted to recreate them in a different way and illustrate them in a way which hadn’t really been done before.” Edward Waite

Now a full time artist, Edward has a studio in Milton Keynes, and at only 34, he already has a strong following of galleries and collectors worldwide.

“It has been a swift rise to fame and success for the artist, who is not yet even 40, but he is potentially on his way to becoming one of the most renowned artists of his generation.” Arqadia, 4Walls Magazine.

New York