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I have seen a book and I would like to buy. What should I do now?+
If you see something you want add it to your shopping cart by clicking the 'Add to Cart' button to the right of the desired book. When you are ready to check out, click 'View Cart' which is in the blue bar at the top of the page and then the 'Checkout' button. You may need to log in or register at this point.
Why do I need to register?+
Registration is necessary to make an online purchase but it is very quick and we do not keep any card or bank details. You can opt out of receiving promotional offers from us and can also delete your account whenever you want. anybook Ltd. holds personal information responsibly, is respectful of its customer privacy, does not share information with any third parties and conforms to the requirements of the data protection act.
Is it safe to send credit card information over the Internet?+
This is a common concern. In twelve years of internet trading, with hundreds of thousands of sales we have never had an incident of credit card fraud. And whilst it is possible that credit card information sent over the internet falls into the wrong hands and is subsequently misused, intercepting credit card information over the net is not easy to do. It is far easier for people to steal credit card numbers in other ways, for example in shops and restaurants. If you are careful, online credit card purchases are perfectly safe. If you purchase a book via this site's shopping cart, the information you give us is encrypted and processed by a secure system. Once processed, all details are deleted permanently. Alternatively, you may send us your card details and billing address by email. In which case, for extra safety, we recommend that you split the information over two emails. We do not hold any card details on file and once we have processed a payment the details are deleted. As another alternative, you may make a card payment by our online partner - Paypal (, which is one of the world's largest card processors with tens of millions of users making hundreds of millions of transactions each month. This organisation guards card details very carefully and in any case any transactions made via Paypal are guaranteed against fraud.
What if I don't want to or can't purchase by card?+
For the time being, we also accept cheques and take direct bank transfers (details available on request). Please make all cheques payable to 'Anybook Ltd'.
Is it possible for me to pick up the book in person?+
Yes, it is still possible to save on shipping and pick up in person, just select the 'Collect in Person' option at the checkout. Our sales team will then contact you with details of where and when to pick up your order. You can pay for a pickup in advance with a card payment or via Paypal but if you wish to pay in cash on arrival, please bring the correct change as we may not have any change available. Please note a 30p per book handling charge applies.
Do you give discounts?+
When we price our books we try to be as competitive as possible to give all our customers value for money. We are therefore not able to lower our prices for individual purchases. However, we do offer a 10% discount on the book price for 10 books or more, and a 15% discount on the book price for 15 books or more.
How long will it take to receive my book?+
This does depend on which level of service you ask for when you order the book. UK orders are normally delivered within two working days of receipt of payment, although heavy parcels will take a couple of days longer. For continental Europe, delivery times are around a week. With International outside of Europe deliveries there are two options: airmail, which takes around seven working days, or surface, which can take up to eight weeks. Please contact us if you need the book urgently, as express services are available although we will have to pass on the extra cost.
What if the book is lost or damaged in transit?+
Books do occasionally get lost in transit. But it is more common that the book is delayed rather that actually lost. Most booksellers will offer a refund in such cases, but may wait to hear from their couriers before giving one. At anybook we don't wait but refund first and investigate afterwards. In certain cases we may add a little to the carriage charges to cover the extra cost of insurance and parcel tracking. We use Britain's largest delivery company Royal Mail although if you prefer we can use other couriers as well. We are also very careful packers! But again, should any damage occur in transit - we will offer a full refund or a partial refund as you prefer.
What if I am not completely satisfied with my purchase?+
The only real disadvantage with purchasing online is that you are not able to physically inspect purchases beforehand. You therefore rely on an accurate description of the item. We try very hard to describe our books as fully as possible and try to include any relevant details about the books and note any defects we find. In the unlikely event that this does not happen, we offer an unconditional refund of the costs of the books and any postage costs, which may have been incurred. We will also make such a refund if it turns out that the book is simply not the one you were looking for, although to avoid this happening we would prefer that you ask us beforehand if you are in any doubt.

Helping Your Library

How can I help my library?+
Our 'your library' programme gives you the change to support your local library by sending us your unwanted books.  We will then pass on a proportion of the profits we make from selling those books onto libraries.  It will cost you nothing but a little time and your library and local community will benefit.
How much will my local library receive from you selling my old books?+
Your local library will receive up to 100% of the market price of the books you send us according to the our terms and conditions stated here.  This represents very good value and hundreds of libraries throughout the UK use our services already to sell their own old and withdrawn stcok.
What sort of books should I send you?+
We are good at finding homes for books and in our experience most books are destined for even greater things than pulping!  But there are some books which it just wouldn't be practical to send us (like for example telephone directories, DVDs and VHS cassettes, books written in non-Latin characters like Chinese or Arabic or Hebrew, Bibliographies or reference material now easily found online and periodicals, newspapers and magazines). 

If you are unsure whether to send something to us get in touch and we can tell you.  Please don't just throw it away - you never know.
Will it cost me anything?+
Absolutely not - we pay all costs including shipping and will even send you out boxes if you need them.
Will I be under any obligation?+
No.  You can send us as little or as much as you want and whenever and as often as you want. 
I have another question?+
Feel free to read the libraries's FAQs below and if you do have any other questions please do get in touch with us any way you like.


Are you affiliated with any charitable organizations?+
No. We don't feel comfortable deciding how other people's money should be spent, so each year the tens of thousands of pounds we raise for the libraries which supply us with books are returned to them, that they may be spent as the library chooses.
Just good condition books with an ISBN - right?+
Wrong. We don't simply go for a quick profit and draw the line at books with an ISBN because we realise that much of your withdrawn stock will be older and our experience has shown us that almost all books have potential buyers somewhere.

We believe it is our job to find those customers. However, as you might expect we generally do not take periodicals, bibliographies or other reference material which is readily available online or via CD's etc. There are certain subject areas which quickly date e.g. Law or Management and we may well be selective with books of this kind.

We have also had no luck with books for children and young adults but if you are in doubt please email us and we will let you know - it is always better to have stock checked rather than dispose of it and if it is in the way we are always happy to recycle it for you.
What about School Books?+
Unfortunately, books for school children and young adults are almost impossible to resell, so we do not take these.
Can we send you books for free?+
Of course!  But we would prefer to pay you otherwise we would just be a business profiting from other people's goodwill and charity.
Do you ever throw books away?+
We have never simply thrown away books. However, if after exhaustive efforts over many years a book proves to be of no interest to anyone then we do recycle it via an accredited government recycling agency.
Do we have to box-up books?+
No. We realize that librarians are always pushed for time and so there is no need to box up anything (unless you want to) and if you have difficulty finding boxes we'll send you as many as you need. We will also drop off empties when we pickup.
Do we need to pre-catalogue our stock?+
No. We do all that. Neither do you need to check each book with a piece of software to see if we'll accept it. You tell us what you want to get rid of and we'll take it away.
Do Different libraries get different deals?+
No. Our Terms & Conditions are and have always been the same for all UK libraries and are transparently available for perusal here. We have nothing to hide and have always given higher and better percentages then our imitators.
Do you make a charge for removal?+
Absolutely not. In fact there are no charges for any of our services other than those outlined in The Agreement. We only ever make our money from selling books.
Is our quantity of books too small or too large for you?+
No. We do try and 'string together' pickups in the same area to save on fuel and time, but in the past we taken more than 50000 books a day from libraries without difficulty. Just get in touch and we'll work with you to make sure that everything goes smoothly with the minimum disruption.
What about condition?+
We have a reputation amongst book buyers for both the honesty of our descriptions and for selling ex-library books. Since most of our customers are students and academics - condition is not that important and if the book is only a reading copy we may still be able to sell it. There are some books that will never sell either because of their content or their condition but it can do no harm to try! If in doubt put it aside when we come to collect and we can consider it at the time.
Will we be under any obligation to provide withdrawn stock?+
No. Once you have a supplier ID, which is free, you can use our services as often or as little as you like.
Do you require exclusivity?+
We are certain we offer libraries the best services available so we don't need to ask for exclusivity.
How much notice do you require?+
The answer to this varies according to the time of year and the volume of work we are experiencing. Ideally as much as possible but if you really needed a pickup yesterday - get in touch and we'll be there.
How often and in what manner do you make payments?+
Via our Client Portal you can log in and affect a disbursement whenever and as often as you wish. 
Will we be charged for any unsold books?+
No. Books that remain unsold at the end of 100 days will become our responsibility.
Do you take non-English books?+
Yes. There is a good market for French, Spanish, Italian and German books. .
Can you provide references?+
We can provide references from almost two hundred academic libraries in the United Kingdom. We do not publish them online for obvious reasons but most of our suppliers are very willing to be contacted with prior notice. Just drop us a line and we'll put you in touch.
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